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New Order Updates – 1/10/14

Long time no see, internet! I’ve been receiving a lot of questions as to the lack of inventory in the online store, and the fact is that I’m booked solid. I am currently taking custom orders through the “contact me” page with a 6-week waiting list, and I’ll be building up the available online stock […]

Custom / Customizable Maker’s Belt

I’m especially proud of how this utility belt came out. This one is made for a jeweler and a good friend, and is specifically suited to her craft. There is a holster section that can be wet-formed around scissors or pliers, and a hammer-hook size down for a jeweler’s hammer. The two main pouches feature […]

Inaugural Post

As I sit down to compose this inaugural entry, there are approximately 24 hours remaining before this website is scheduled to launch. I’m sitting at my workbench, surrounded by over a dozen projects slowly edging towards completion. I have been working toward this moment for years, and, now that it’s here, a large part of […]