Custom / Customizable Maker’s Belt

I’m especially proud of how this utility belt came out. This one is made for a jeweler and a good friend, and is specifically suited to her craft. There is a holster section that can be wet-formed around scissors or pliers, and a hammer-hook size down for a jeweler’s hammer. The two main pouches feature top flaps attached by heavy-duty snaps, so they can be attached or detached depending on whether the user prioritizes item security or ease of access for any given application. There are two smaller pockets on either side to keep track of various odds & ends. The belt secures with a military-style clasp, and is fully adjustable. I’m excited to build belts like these for a variety of makers, and to customize them for a variety of tasks. Everything in the shop is 20% off this month, including custom orders. Let me know if I can make one of these for you!

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