Inaugural Post

As I sit down to compose this inaugural entry, there are approximately 24 hours remaining before this website is scheduled to launch. I’m sitting at my workbench, surrounded by over a dozen projects slowly edging towards completion. I have been working toward this moment for years, and, now that it’s here, a large part of me wants to put it off for another month or two… An even larger part of me would rather not be sitting around blogging as time marches toward the deadline. I’d much rather be working on my products than sitting still. In spite of the fact that I’m exploding with the kind of giddy, manic energy that you get around the bottom of your fourth pot of coffee, this seems like a good opportunity to still myself and reflect on some of the people and circumstances that have brought me to this moment.

I have had a blast over the past three years experimenting with new tools, techniques and materials, watching as my initial crude efforts have slowly developed into an aesthetic. This business has brought people into my life that continually challenge and inspire me toward greater self-discipline in pursuit of this dream. I have been awed and humbled by the people who have gone out of their way to encourage me, and who have poured their talents into this dream.   There is no way that I could be doing this without you.

I’m terribly excited about the new items that will be debuting along with this website. These products are the very best that I have to offer. They represent months and months of repetition and experimentation, agonizing over every last detail. Even though I’m very proud of what I’ve done so far, I can’t wait to make more tweaks and improvements to upcoming designs and make them more durable and ergonomic. I can’t wait to see how my aesthetic and technique will continue to improve over the coming years!  I feel good things ahead. Stay tuned…

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