New Order Updates – 1/10/14

Long time no see, internet! I’ve been receiving a lot of questions as to the lack of inventory in the online store, and the fact is that I’m booked solid. I am currently taking custom orders through the “contact me” page with a 6-week waiting list, and I’ll be building up the available online stock as I am able. Thank you all for your interest, and keep an eye on the Harbinger facebook page for more updates!

Custom / Customizable Maker’s Belt

I’m especially proud of how this utility belt came out. This one is made for a jeweler and a good friend, and is specifically suited to her craft. There is a holster section that can be wet-formed around scissors or pliers, and a hammer-hook size down for a jeweler’s hammer. The two main pouches feature top flaps attached by heavy-duty snaps, so they can be attached or detached depending on whether the user prioritizes item security or ease of access for any given application. There are two smaller pockets on either side to keep track of various odds & ends. The belt secures with a military-style clasp, and is fully adjustable. I’m excited to build belts like these for a variety of makers, and to customize them for a variety of tasks. Everything in the shop is 20% off this month, including custom orders. Let me know if I can make one of these for you!

Inaugural Post

As I sit down to compose this inaugural entry, there are approximately 24 hours remaining before this website is scheduled to launch. I’m sitting at my workbench, surrounded by over a dozen projects slowly edging towards completion. I have been working toward this moment for years, and, now that it’s here, a large part of me wants to put it off for another month or two… An even larger part of me would rather not be sitting around blogging as time marches toward the deadline. I’d much rather be working on my products than sitting still. In spite of the fact that I’m exploding with the kind of giddy, manic energy that you get around the bottom of your fourth pot of coffee, this seems like a good opportunity to still myself and reflect on some of the people and circumstances that have brought me to this moment.

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